Log 2e: Don’t Eat the Mac and Cheese

The last of our gen 3 babies has finally become a teen! Happy birthday, lil guy!

calendula teen bday
Calendula makes his Birthday wish.

Not sure if I’m just biased against jocks, but Cal’s been a bit of a pill ever since he rolled the Bro trait. He won’t eat Butter’s gourmet dishes any longer, insisting on cooking himself macaroni and cheese instead. And he’s too good for TV time with his actual bro now — if it ain’t sports, he makes a huge stink.

cal mac clem
“Bro. You KNOW I can’t eat to this indy film!”

After throwing some brotastic hissy fit arm-signs he stormed off down the hallway.

"I'm outta here, bro."
“I’m outta here, bro.”

Annnnd into the bathtub. With the mac and cheese.

cal mac bath


Mother of all that is holy. Whatever you’re doing in there, just stop. Stop!!

cal mac sleep
Nobody understands me like you, Mac n Cheese.

That’s better. Somewhat. Oy.

Also making questionable life choices, Columbine has been rather obsessed with Madelynn Oliver since she publicly humiliated him by flirting with another man during their date. He’s since tried three more times to successfully woo her, and failed miserably, with increased severity each attempt.

The first one lasted about 2 minutes before Madelynn bailed. The bartender got so stressed out by them that she came out and started doing pushups, haha.

col bad date 2

The second one was a painfully long string of failed social interactions. It couldn’t end soon enough.

col madelynn bad date 3
“That WASN’T funny the first time you said it and it’s NOT funny now!”

We’ve learned from these two that the romance bar in the relationship panel can turn from pink to red. D:

col madelynn bad date 4
“Don’t you even come NEAR me.”

First it’ll try to tell you that you’re a “bad match,” and if you’re too dim to take the hint there it’ll develop into a “terrible match.”  Now the mere sight of Columbine sends Madelynn into a rage. It’s pretty freaking hilarious really. Sorry Col. I’ll find you someone new soon.

We’re realizing that this is a pretty small town and there aren’t really that many fish in the sea after all. We met a super cute caterer named Genesis, but it turns out she’s married. D:

We’ll respect your marriage, though it pains me so!

And the lovely blonde called Tanvi that came to play for a recent party disappeared from everyone’s memory as soon as it was over. 😦

Was she ever really there? I don’t remember hearing any music. ;D

Does the game create disposable NPCs sometimes? Did I just not get enough of a relationship going? I really don’t understand why sims completely disappear from contacts so quickly sometimes. Hmph.

Anyway, given the shaky social climate, Buttercup figured she should probably swallow her pride and make amends with her park nemesis, Estrella. Time to play some chess.

butter estrella making up
A crowd gathers, anticipating bloodshed.

Once the two discovered that they share a Love of the Outdoors, things really turned around. Why that’s practically our family’s exemplar trait, even though we’re not playing exemplar. ;D

butter estrella making up 2
Sorry fellas, no catfight for you. :p

They put the past behind them, and even became friends. I think it’s safe to say that Estrella would be welcomed into the family now, should anyone wind up developing feelings. 🙂

Just one more important birthday to celebrate tonight. Garrett’s becoming an elder! We invited all of our hopeful-maybe-someday-future-family-members & rehired the caterer and mixologist we’d been using so we could work on increasing our friendships too.

We got the cake bit out of the way immediately.

Garrett elder
Not bad, old man. 😉

And then we enjoyed the party! Outside, there was dancing.

burdock cal dance
Calendula gets down with uncle Burdock.

Inside, there was eating and chatting.

party estrella jewel
I know her genes are same-old, but there’s something really appealing about Estrella.

Clematis seems interested in Jewel, a friendly lady we met at the museum.

clem Jewel
Patience, son, you’re still just a teenager.

But then, so does everyone. ;D

Col Cyc Jewel Hat of Shame
The boys were irritated with each other, but Jewel persevered with the help of her stress-clay.

The funniest thing. Cyclamen (middle) got a negative moodlet called “Hat of Shame” during this conversation — apparently his bro here had made fun of his hat in front of Jewel, and it caused him great embarrassment. He stormed off and everyone was still talking about it.

columbine jewel
“The thing is like THIS BIG!”

I kinda owe Columbine one, so we’ll give him a shot with Jewel, I guess. Hopefully he won’t be a complete dumbass this time. ;D

After the party, Genesis spontaneously went out to our founder’s grave to mourn Anemone.

Genesis graves
This one hit me right in the feels.

It was really odd and touching, and reminded me that I still need to build a proper gravesite. There will be more tombstones soon.


6 thoughts on “Log 2e: Don’t Eat the Mac and Cheese

  1. I feel like I’m reading an eye-witness account of history: this is one of the first mentions of DTS, before you even gave it its name. (We should let Bil know for historical scholarship!) Also, very sweet to see Estrella’s first chapter where she’s more than an irritant! This is the beginning of #teamEstrella!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Townies and NPCs are MEANT to be disposable!!!!!!!!!!

    “One less troublemaker to worry about” goes the famous line IF you cull them yourself!


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