Log 2d: Going Places and Meeting People

Managing an 8-sim household can be pretty intense. After a while you forget that there’s also a whole big world outside your lot. While planning one of the multitude of birthday parties we needed to have, it became evident that several of my sims didn’t know anyone outside the family. What kind of party is that going to be? A boring one, I say!  We must remedy this immediately.

Mom, having the most free time, started sneaking over to the park to make some contacts while everyone else was at school/work. It’s only fitting that the matriarch would take an interest in setting her younglings up with potential mates. It seems the game generated a bunch of new faces for me, which I was pretty excited about.

One such morning, Buttercup was having a promising chat about bassinets and llamas with a nice young woman called Madelynn Oliver. And then a dark presence appeared.

butter talk 1
Who is this person and why are they scowling at me?
butter talk 2
“I’m outta here.”

Not wanting to stick around for whatever was about to go down, Buttercup moseyed over to the chess table, where she met a very pretty & friendly-looking sim called Estrella.

She looks so wholesome.
Is this the next Disney Princess?

Turns out Estrella was kind of a jerk, though, and the conversation quickly turned sour. Not sure exactly what set her off, but Buttercup was so angered by their exchange that she ran ALL the way to the other side of the park to kick a garbage can. Hahaha.

Butter can kick
“That woman is NOT going near my Legacy!”

On her way home she introduced herself to a couple more people that were hanging around, and then she attempted to throw Camelia a real birthday party! One with actual, not-just-your-brothers-and-uncle guests! She invited everyone she’d ever remembered meeting (save that Estrella witch).. and this is who showed up.

party poopers
This is gonna be a great party, I can already tell.

A monk and a hot dog? I’m sure this is the start of a joke, but I didn’t hire a comedian so I had no idea how it ended.

Alas, our sweet Camelia wasn’t bothered a bit. She blew out her candles,

camelia teen birthday

And grew into a lovely young woman with a hankering to become a bodybuilder. ;D

This family seems to have a thing for stripes.
This family seems to have a thing for stripes. I approve.

She actually really liked ageless monk dude, too. It only makes sense, given her Geeky, Creative spirit, that she’d be drawn to the strange and unusual. She even learned his name: Jay Fay. And she didn’t tease or make fun, just played chess with him for hours and hours. They became good friends right away!

camelia teen jay
“I really like your robe. Is that vintage?”

Hotdog boy struck up a friendship with Calendula. In the following days, they’d often meet at the park to play. We’re happy he gets to have at least one child friend before his impending teenage years strike. 🙂

cal kid playing
Dread Pirate Cal: “ARR! Batten down the hatches and swab the poop deck!”

A few more trips out and we were finally getting a more well-rounded social circle going. When Cyclamen and Columbine became adults, there were several eligible ladies in attendance.

Columbine (who gained the Active trait) and Madelynn hit it off right away, and she began to flirt with him right there on his mother’s bed. D: He suggested they go on a date, which she happily accepted.

columbine madelynn date
“Wanna like, go drink orange juice somewhere different?”

They chose the Blue Velvet, since they were both still in a party mood. Things were going so well I forgot to take pictures! But then,

columbine bad date

Lame times. Madelynn actually had the nerve to flirt with another dude right there in front of Col. This made him Very Sad and he went home to mope. For days. (Seriously, the dude was reading obituaries on the computer and weeping. Lol.)

We snoozed and losed on throwing an elder party for Burdock and Buttercup. They both aged up right there at home. Butter was out gardening with Clematis, who has become her protege (their relationship is super high right now! I don’t want to jinx it by getting too excited, but he has a fighting chance of getting the next heir spot if things continue).

Butter Elder
A shared Love of Nature has given Butter a second chance at a closer relationship with Clem.

After a quick back adjustment she went right back to gardening. Burdock just kind of shrugged and went to play chess. Butter came over to join him & they reminisced about kids and space and food. Lots of good shared memories, these two.

Burdock butter elder chess
This game has created magic with this heartwarming brother & sister relationship. ❤

May I take a brief points intermission? These gen 2 guys are rockin’ the accomplishments. Buttercup has mastered Fishing and is half a point away from mastering Handiness. Her Gardening and Cooking are at 7 and rising. Her first two Aspirations are done. Burdock has mastered Logic and nearly has Fitness done. He’s an Astronaut, and so very close to the top of his career – I am hopeful that he’ll make it!  Garrett has mastered painting and is at level 6 of that career. If we can manage 4 grandkids somehow, he’ll have his aspiration completed as well. Not too shabby – certainly a step up from those gen 1 slackers! ;D

Garret has finally finished his memorial paintings for the kids. It took a bit because I was being stubborn and only permitting masterpieces, as well as wanting each one to reflect the character of the sim it was painted for, but I’m pretty happy with how they came out!

creative g3
Our “Portraits” to memorialize the 3rd Generation

Upper row: For Clematis (Hot-headed, Creatively Gifted); For Camelia (because she’s a beauty and a Geek)
Bottom row: For Cyclamen (Art Lover); For Columbine (Gloomy); For Calendula (who likes fishing with his Master Angler momma)

It’s awesome that we can place them all together that way, instead of requiring 5 separate “walls” for this stuff – really love the interior design possibilities in this game. I’m having Cyclamen paint something similar for the 2nd gen (though they’ll be bigger since there’s only 3 people). We’ll just need someone to make another small one for the gen 3 mate when he/she arrives, and we’ll be able to claim a couple freakin’ Creativity points, finally. *fistpump*

In retrospect, my insistence that they be Masterpiece quality was pretty not-smart, because our bills are up to $3604 now. Ouch, haha.. Here’s a little peek at the house before Clem went nuts and planted a bunch more things. I’m almost to the “okay, everyone has their basic needs met, now I can try to make it look nice” stage, but not quite, lol.

House gen2 mid
Now to figure out how to build a damn roof.

6 thoughts on “Log 2d: Going Places and Meeting People

  1. Shouldn’t really read this when I’m sneaking a coffee break at the office when I’m supposed to be coding something or other… my sniggles are my tells to my office-mate that something other than HTML is funny!


  2. What a funny chapter! I can’t decide which part I loved more – Buttercup being so mad she kicked the trash can over super hard, the party guests in their quirky outfits, or Columbine reading obituaries on the computer after his love interest strayed. 😀 Super funny.

    Buttercup and Burdock aged up so nicely! Like fine wines, these two. And Garrett did such a wonderful job with those paintings. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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