Log 2c: Fishing for Points

We have some successes to report!

Buttercup managed to max out her Fishing skill and complete Angling Ace! She snatched up Curator next, and completed that too! Took a bit to get the last crystal because I’d been sending them off to get broken down as she went, without realizing it was removing them from her total. Hahaha.. oops.

butter burd dig
Burdock was spontaneously coming over to give her a hug. ❤


Lady Mailman wears a skirt! 😮

Ahem. Anyway, we have our family’s first finished collection: Elements! Now Butter’s working on being handy. She’s been upgrading the plumbing in hopes that it’ll break less. She does this in her sexy nighty most of the time. Someone’s dream girl, I tell ya.

butter upgrading sink
Must fit pipe wrench in tiny drain-hole.

To help give our handy skill building a boost, we built a little work shed/faux garage thingie and bought a workbench.

butter worktable
So nice to be able to build handiness without standing in a puddle!

You can make neat little wooden statues with it! Wish they counted as a “collection,” but whatev.

large bear sculpture

Garrett, having done all he can for his Big Happy Family for now, went ahead and joined the Painter career. Our bills are a whopping $3,063 these days and we’re barely keeping on top of them. As of this writing he’s received 3 promotions. While at home he cranks out masterpieces at fairly regular intervals, so we’ve begun our Creative memorialization of Gen 3. (I’m having him create a “small” masterpiece for each person & name it after them. I’ll snap a pic next update.) His physique has softened some but I’m still finding his wardrobe a bit distracting. 0.0

garrett hawt
Fer plumsakes, put a shirt on already!

Burdock continues to do well in his Astronaut career. I believe he’s at career level 6? There seems to be some promotion slowdown now that he doesn’t work every weekday, but this gives him time to get a jump on his athletic and logic skills. I’ve been running him a bit ragged, but he’s a trooper. Love this sim.

burdock tired
Earth’s gravity weighs heavily on Burdock sometimes.

Cyclamen and Columbine aged into teens, and are both rather handsome if I may say so! Look:

Cyclamen Teen
It’s nice when the random trait aligns with the random aspiration! ;D
columbine teen
Broody boy has grandpa’s ponytail.

I just figured out something you all probably knew already (again) — teens can have jobs! There’s like five of them to choose from, even! Since they don’t get the quickie button in the jobs panel like adults do, you just have to use the phone to look for work (computer may work too, didn’t check). How did I not know this. D:

Cyc was already spending all of his spare time painting,

His fashion sense leaves something to be desired.
Cyclamen’s fashion sense leaves something to be desired.

But Columbine was happy to accept a job in Retail. His first promotion requires 4 Charisma, which we’re working on, slowly. (Don’t hold your breath. It’s taking forever.)

That's right, get yer game face on. Retail's rough!
That’s right, get yer game face on. Retail’s rough!

Poor guy is so tired from school and work that he makes silly mistakes, like lighting himself on fire while making a sandwich.

columbine on fire
Don’t worry, folks. He lived.

Clematis is our little power house. He’s been busting his rear (and our eardrums) to become an Artisitic Prodigy.

clem kid violin
I wonder if we can use this thing to repel insects in the garden.

Along with maxing his Creativity, he managed to squeak through and complete his aspiration & score the bonus trait, too! He’ll be Creatively Gifted for the rest of his life.

I try not to play favorites too much, but I’m really attached to Clem. This kid spontaneously does the dishes. 😮

We need all the help we can get.
He doesn’t even mind that his sweater-sleeves get all wet. ❤

When he became a teenager we rolled a coordinating Loves Outdoors and Freelance Botanist, yay! And then I looked at him, and my heart jumped.  Ho lee sheet.  This kid is gorgeous.

clem teen sexy
Are you sure you’re just a teenager? Not like, an 18-ager?

Unfortunately, he’s third in line for mom’s affection, which doesn’t seem like a good place to be. If nothing else I might keep him around as the spare, since he’s got such nicely developed skills and actually wants to take care of the garden! Or maybe I’ll find him a nice lady and make some babies before kicking them out so I don’t have to suffer through 4 grandkids in the house at once for Garrett’s aspiration. T.T

But what to do with our adoptee, Camelia?  Such a sweet kid, and the only one in the family with a B grade in school, which she got all on her own. (This is a good thing. Everyone else has Cs, lol.)

Camelia is always bright and sunny, like the weather.
Camelia is always bright and sunny, just like the weather.

Since I adopted her out of turn, but her parents were both plenty young enough to have timed it properly, it’s really only a “you might not have been able to adopt this particular child” issue, so I’ve decided that she just won’t be able to earn any Legacy points. She will remain in the heir pool, which gives me a potential handicap if she’s chosen. And next time I’m gonna reread the pertinent section of the rules before I try something new. :p

Calendula is mom’s favorite! Maybe because he’s the baby. I find I really don’t know him at all, since he’s been so low-maintenance. I don’t even have any interesting pics of him. *so ashamed* I should probably start paying attention to that since he may end up heading the family, lol.

I’ll end with a rewind to our three teens in the kid stage, one afternoon after each of them had had a bad day at school. Being a kid is hard!

School sucks.
School sucks.

8 thoughts on “Log 2c: Fishing for Points

  1. Butter the Plumber: I’ll never say I have just such a nightie (those require shape) But it isn’t red.

    So you found the astronaut wardrobe “distracting”.

    Hmm, well, different strokes for different folks!

    Actually I do find it more intriguing than the partial tarzan up above him!



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