Log 2b: Flowers that Start With “C”

We have five kids in the house. FIVE.

Before you run screaming into the night, let me explain. We’re doin’ stuff this time. Skills, aspirations, jobs – all of that. We need us some points. So we have to make some sacrifices. But it’s all happening for a reason.

Let’s catch up with the grownups first.

Burdock is extremely focused on his Astronaut job and gaining promotions at a good pace. He helps out around the house when he’s not working out or looking through the telescope. We’re getting a lot of nifty space-related decor from these. He maintains really high relationships with the kids, so he’s been having an easy time meeting the “friend” relationship requirements for promotions. I really love that family members count as friends again!

Burdock adult
Handsome and successful & no one to share it with. Ah, the bittersweet life of a spare.

Buttercup is our repairman, gardener, and collector. We’ve amassed quite the mountain of knick knacks and are only one MySim figure away from completing our first in-game collection! Others are getting close as well.

gen2 collections
Surfaces that hold multiple items make me swoon. I’m such a hoarder.

She also continues to fish like a bandit, whether she’s about to pop out a baby or not. As of this post, she is only 3 hours of fishing away from completing her Angling Ace aspiration. Go, Butter! ;D

butter prego fishing
Get much more pregnant and you’re liable to get stuck in the tree-door.

Garrett took to the easel like a natural, so for now he’s staying at home painting and working on his Family aspiration by tot-tending. Sometimes the things he paints worry me, but the extra income has been nice and he’s always in a good mood, which is great for the kidlets.

clown painting
No words..

He’s already completed all but the last step towards his Big Happy Family, which requires 4 grandchildren. Yikes! The house is full and I’m unwilling to move Burdock out, so we’ll have to get creative with the boys once they’re old enough. This is like a bad math problem that I’ll figure out later. At this moment they’re all at the “child” age – they’re still just kids! Kids who I should probably introduce, eh wot? 😀

First came the twins.Twins from a twin! Argh:

Cyclamen child
It’s impossible to hate cheerful sims. It just is.
Columbine child
A nice mix of both parents, facially!

After that we swore never to eat another gummy bear pancake, since we unfairly blame them for all of our problems. Garrett’s aspiration required 4 children, and I really wanted to see their genes play out in a girl face, so we were okay with trying again right away. Didn’t get a girl, but definitely got a spunky addition to the house – and such a snazzy dresser. ;D It’s fab that sims randomly have glasses, much more realistic!

Clematis child
Game over folks, we have a winner! (What, I can’t do that? Pfft!)

One more to go. Please let it be a girl. I just wanna see her face.

Calendula child
The only one of the lot with pop’s eye shape!

Aw heck. Oh well. There’s always next generation!  Four kids was a lot. And we were losing our minds a little. The tots were really cute and immediately reacted to any crying by standing in the way and trying to talk the pupa off the ledge. Already making friendships, which will bode well for later.

baby eek
“It just keeps squeaking!”

Nope, that’s not a random friend up there. We thought we were done, but Garrett still needed to “Adopt a Child.”  Aiiigh! I made a booboo here and just randomly chose one (dice are my friend). The one we got was not an infant, however, but an actual “child” and I realized afterward that the rules say that you can only adopt infants.  Might have to dock us a point or something. I dunno. On the positive side, it’s a she, and a really sweet kid who is super happy to have a home with lots of cereal available.

Camelia child

So that’s where we’re at right now. Five kids. FIVE.


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