Log 2a: Bringing in Buttercup

I should probably begin this log by (re)introducing our heir for Generation 2:

butter heir mugshotButtercup Wolff
2nd Generation Heir

Traits: Bookworm, Perfectionist, Loves the Outdoors
Aspiration: Nature > Angling Ace

Dark brown eyes & hair, fair skin, average/curvy build.


The days following Anemone’s death were hard. Between the sobbing and constantly looking over our shoulders for Social Services, the twins and I were pretty much a wreck when they aged up. 

With no inheritance in sight and less than 1200 simoleons to their name, Burdock and Buttercup knew paying bills was going to be a problem. So we went through and sold off all the extra collectibles and produce we’d been lugging around, and bought some skill objects in the hopes that a small investment upfront would make career growth a bit easier for them.

Figuring I was being smart, I set up a desk in the child bedroom for a microscope.  Yeahhh.. no way that thing was gonna fit on a desk. ;D


Biggest microscope EVAR.

Bought a telescope too, which I just assumed must be the size of a whale. It was. 

telescope woohoo
Wait, are those woohoo hearts?

What’s that? Oh, I forgot to tell you, didn’t I?

butter garrett emerge
“Wow, I never knew science could be so fun!”

Buttercup and Garrett are kind of a thing. 

butter proposal
“That woohoo was great! Marry me?”

Well, I mean to say, they’re actually married. Why look around for something new when you have something so perfect right there in your lap, right?

Garrett mugshot Garrett Block
2nd Gen Mate

Traits: Geek, Childish, Music Lover
Aspiration: Family > Big Happy Family

Not too shabby! I’m most excited about his darker skin tone, full lips, and that marvelous chin, all new to our genes.  Black hair too! Don’t tell Buttercup but sometimes I like to stare at his toned chest when he walks around in his PJ pants, which is like.. constantly.  *fans self*


Anyway, back to the telescope! That thing is super badass. We get these really neat space prints from it that we can hang on the wall. I want these for my house IRL!

space print
This is one of the Common ones – “Standard Space” – so pretty! 

When his sister and her beau aren’t in the observation tower doing.. things.. (eww) Burdock loves looking into space. He finally realized Genius status when he became an adult, though it was obvious from his behavior through his teen years that he was destined for cerebral pursuits. He’s decided to aim for the stars and become an Astronaut. His brainy father would have been so proud! 

I’ve pretty much decided to let Burdock stay here at the family house. He and Buttercup are so close (still BFFs) and we really need the stability he brings. Besides, he’s quite eager to meet his new little niece or nephew! 😉

burdock butter belly
Burdock and Buttercup: Best Friends Forever



7 thoughts on “Log 2a: Bringing in Buttercup

  1. Awww, those were some great updates! I love the new gen, they’re adorable. And Garrett! *fans self too* Who knew that pink hat of yesteryear would lead to THAT?!

    Great job, and good luck for the future!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LOL @ That woohoo was great! Marry me?

    When I first saw the microscope, I thought it was gonna be small too LOL. Whew! Finished reading that just in time to get downstairs for my Thursday night TV shows.

    Liked by 1 person

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