Log 1f: Housework Kills

Life at the Wolff homestead has been going on at a rapid pace. We hired the one maid we could find, and she gave us a good run before keeling over on the living room floor. 

housework kills
That’s how I feel too, lady.

One thing I absolutely love about this game is how much utility we get out of surfaces now. Note that kiddie bookshelf up there? The top shelf comes looking mostly “empty” and you can actually set things on it.  Mind. Blown. Also note the snazzy career reward stereo Ane earned, along with her super-ample dancer’s butt. 

Dead maid left her urn at our place. I figured serving us in the afterlife would be asking a bit much, so I released her spirit and found a new maid instead. This one looks nice and youthful so we *should* be able to relax for a bit. ;D

maid 2
Hopefully the elder boob-sag is part of the maid outfit and I didn’t just hire another corpse.

Speaking of age, I finally figured out how to work a birthday cake just in time for Anemone’s elder birthday! Another thing I absolutely love is that we can bake and customize the cakes ourselves, yay! I need to guide a sim towards a culinary career one of these generations. Food overall is just really neat now.

Anemone elder
Anemone makes a lovely old bird.

I really need to get better at giving birthday parties, because it’s still confusing who to set at which role when you have several family members with the same birthday.  Scary to mess around with though, ’cause I know I’m gonna do something derpy and double-age the wrong person one of these times. 

The twins also aged up to teens on the same day! It seems like it was just yesterday that they were freaking me the heck out in their little baby boxes. *wipes away a tear* Anyhow, here they are running to catch the invisible bus the next morning. 🙂

burd butter teen
Yes, they dress themselves, earrings and all.

They’re both good-looking kids, if I may say so myself. Along with their new adult-like bodies, they get another random trait and a new random aspiration! Let’s see how they’re shaping up.

Buttercup Wolff
Traits: Bookworm, Perfectionist (ehh)
Aspiration: Angling Ace  (yay! something that might actually be attainable!)

Burdock Wolff
Traits: Active, Hot-headed (whaaat?? that doesn’t fit him at all! maybe baby-him!)
Aspiration: Successful Lineage (ooh, that sounds Legacyish)

As of this moment, they both have a nearly identical mom-relationship, so I really have no idea which will be “winning” the heir spot. Going to have to really pay attention to social interactions in the coming days. In case of a tie, I guess I’ll let their relationship with dad be the determining factor? (At this point Burdock has max friendship with his pop, so he’d be the clear winner there.)


11 thoughts on “Log 1f: Housework Kills

  1. Rofl: “That’s how I feel too, lady.” Seriously, cracked me up. And I totally get your confusion over the stinkin’ birthday cake. I accidentally double-aged my Sim (it was Scarlet’s daughter), and I had to use cheats to push her back to a child again. It freaked me out!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “I need to guide a sim towards a culinary career one of these generations.” Yah. Sweet. I wonder if Ede knows how far back the seeds of her career reach! Oh, but you’ve had other chefs, too, like the famous Digi! I’m just gen five focused. 🙂


    1. These old posts are embarrassing, it’s just me babbling in order to keep myself motivated to actually finish the challenge – I dunno how I managed to hold anyone’s interest back then! lol


  3. Think OLD posts are embarrassing? How ’bout these that missed the bus.. last year!?

    Simple one this time “Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be Mailmen..”


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