Log 1e: The Stork Arrives!

Oof. I’ve been binge-playing since Anemone got knocked up and, turns out, I didn’t take nearly as many screenshots as I thought I did. Or, I did take them and they vanished into the ether. At any rate, since I’m so behind I’m just going to share what little I do have and try to do better going forward. Apologies!

Anemone went into labor at home, and not being sure how this thing works we sent her to the hospital in a panic. Finn automatically joined her, being the wonderful supportive partner that he is. Much to our surprise, when our lovely couple returned from the hospital they brought back not one bassinet, but two! That’s right, we had twins! D:

ane twins
The door speaks to the existential crisis I’m having right now.

A girl and a boy. Kind of awesome really, since Ane was nearly an elder and we wouldn’t need to hurry and re-impregnate her for a spare. But I was mostly horrified.  I’ve never been good at (nor particularly enjoyed) taking care of sim-babies. And maternity leave didn’t seem to be a thing in Willow Creek. There’s no “babysitter” to call and everyone is already so dang busy with work, the garden and that infernal broken toilet. Why did we go and have children, again?  *flail*   

The fam and friends weren’t nearly as worried as I was, however. The whole tribe happily chipped in to care for these little monsters. I’ve decided to name all the spawn after flowering plants, so here’s Burdock, the son, being cuddled by his papa, Finn. 

baby Burd Finn
Such a good papa. I really lucked out with this guy. ❤

Bella Goth stopped by to meet the daughter, Buttercup. They already had a bit of a relationship from all the belly talk. So cute.

baby Butter Bella
I might have a crush on Bella. She even does diapers!

Babies are basically a ticking panic machine, for me. You wait until you see their little feet start kicking and then you know the wailing is about to start. So you try to cram interactions at them until they pass out. I made every effort to care for them both the same so as not to skew relationships this early (though in another life I totally want to do a twin breastfeeding vs bottle feeding experiment), but still Burdock proved to be a little whiner. His sister cried maybe three times, ever, but he was nonstop grumpin.  My partner was yelling at me across the hall to “stop killing raccoons in there.” Dang baby.

But it all becomes worthwhile when your pupa finally emerge from their bassinets into the next glorious life stage. Children are freaking fantastic in this iteration of the Sims! And it’s really odd that I’m saying this, because I was not interested in them at all in the Sims 3.  I have so much fun “playing” these new kids that I barely get any pics. Oops!

Here’s young Buttercup. Randomizing her traits gave her Bookworm and the Social Butterfly child aspiration. 

butter kid
Buttercup, bookworming it up.

And finally a shot of the premade living room I bought when Finn moved in. I dig it. Burdock was given Active and Rambunctious Scamp. How appropriate for this squirmy boy! ;D  

burdock kid
I like to dance in my pajamas all night long!

I just let them wear whatever they aged up in. They’ve both got brown eyes and pop’s darker brown hair. Something interesting about these two is that they appear, facially, to be identical twins. If I rapidly switch between them, the only thing that changes in the hud is the length and style of hair. Neat! 

The twins adore each other, and are BFFs. They’re both really good friends with pop, and just barely friends with mom. She works weird hours and spends a lot of time away from home working the piano so they don’t get to interact with her much lately. They also managed to make friends with some other neighborhood kids they met at the park. Group kid interactions are so great. Here’s Burdock with his good friend Garrett – love the pink hat. ;D

burdock garrett kids
“When mom was a kid they couldn’t go to the park at night ’cause they had a curfew!”

Burdock and Buttercup had a really happy childhood despite nothing to show for it. 🙂

Spoiler: I didn’t manage to achieve squat for them. B grade was pushing it, and only made the 2nd aspiration level. Didn’t max any skills. I’ll have to try for reals with some other kids. I was too busy having fun this time, haha.


9 thoughts on “Log 1e: The Stork Arrives!

  1. I didn’t realize townies can help take care of the babies – I’ll have to keep my eye out on that one. Burdock and Buttercup are such cute names ❤


  2. lol @ stop killing racoons! Darn babies!! Well, you remember my video with the triplets lol.

    You’re not alone with the aspirations. My family is on the 7th generation, and I JUST now was able to get ONE kid to finish hers! Another was close behind, but honestly…I can’t take credit for it…but I will! I spent a lot of time away from the house playing with another family, and to my surprise they “worked” on theirs skills while I was gone. SWEET!


  3. I wanted identical twins and I also wanted them to be boy & girl. But I ended up with neither. Oh well.

    The kids are great this time around. I’ve been playing sims since the start and can only remember 2 occasions when my sim kids made it past teenager. For me, the game always ended when the kids showed up. I would restart the game. This maybe the first time a play go past 1 generation.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s so funny. 🙂 I used to fast forward and walk away from the computer for much of it.. Babies and toddlers too, blah. Kids are fun now – there’s a lot more to them, I think.


  4. Further along in time I probably have even longer to go. But they’re blessedly short chapters!

    Hey when MY mama was a kid, boys weren’t allowed pink hats. Times have changed for the better. it’s just another color!

    As for identical twins.. ain’t what they’re cracked up to be IRL at least..

    (I used to be one)


  5. That was so cute and I feel the same way about Sim babies. Personally I’ve really enjoyed having them go straight to childhood because the potty training, walking, talking scramble was never fun for me either. It looks like you made it through alright though.

    Liked by 1 person

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