Log 1g: Passing the Torch

Don’t be surprised by the title. Since Anemone and Finn started their family so late in life, they both passed away (Finn at 110, and Ane at 114) while the kids were teens. I was very relieved to find that social workers, if they even exist, don’t care a whit about the plight of orphaned teenagers. But, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Let’s get caught up first.

Burdock and Buttercup remained friends with the playground kids, and they often all hung out together in a pack. And mostly at night. 🙂

butter teen 2
Love these selfie pics. ;D

Burdock really got along well with Cassandra Goth and I was hoping they’d strike up a romance, but despite her youthful looks she was already an “adult.” He just didn’t seem too interested in socializing outside of his small circle of friends so I didn’t try to find him a romantic interest.  

burdock teen
A rebel and a Goth. That’s dad (Finn) spying in the background.

Buttercup wound up with two potential suitors, both playground chums from her childhood. Though he wasn’t actively pursing her, Garrett Block was the most enjoyable for her to hang around with. The two just have an easy, natural friendship. It’s pretty cute. 

"I know, right?"
Garrett: “It’s kinda dark in here.”               Buttercup: “I know, right?”

Anemone and Finn became workaholics. This is my fault. I started to feel like a slacker for not having them finish any of their goals, so I began cramming for promotions. Spoiler: I failed. Gotta start sooner. Sorry, guys! ;D

They still made time for the kids, though. Finn and Burdock could frequently be found discussing brainy things at the chess table. Buttercup and Anemone had several attempts at “the talk,” but Butter was never quite satisfied with the answers she got.

ane butter the talk
“And then the bumblebee goes where?”

Burdock had to wait until becoming an adult to really start on his aspiration, but Buttercup took to hers right away. She even found a secret fishing spot through the trunk of a beautiful old tree in the humble part of town.

"Hello?? Anyone in there??"
“Hello?? Anyone in there??”

Fishing’s pretty good there. In addition to fish, she caught a pomegranate, some emotion potions (scared to drink that, ha), and a crate of candles. Anyway, her aspiration is looking to be pretty easy and she does seem to enjoy fishing. She might be our first actual point-generator! ;D

One Angling Ace, coming right up.
One Angling Ace, coming right up.

Pop died after coming home from work one day, right there on the walkway.

Death comes for Finn
“At least let me crawl into the house, ya scavenger!”

Old age. Didn’t max any skills, top careers or meet achievement milestones. He was just a great dad and very loved by his family.  A few days later, Anemone did the same. Right about the same spot, too.. maybe I should erect a memorial.

Anyway, eeeek! This meant we needed to determine the heir already! Thank goodness deceased sims remain in the relationship list for a bit – I was able to see clearly that Buttercup had a slightly higher friendship with mom. With about three days of their teens left, I decided to let her be for now so she and her brother can grieve. We can break the news to her later. Poor kids. 

ane butter selfie
Miss you, mom. ❤

9 thoughts on “Log 1g: Passing the Torch

  1. Ah, the one thing that I don’t like about Legacy challenges.

    I’m too used to TS 1. No old age.

    Death only by appointment..

    I’ll read ’em but I don’t see myself trying one.


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