Meet our founder: Anemone Wolff

Flirty Anemone Wolff

Traits: Cheerful, Music Lover, Loves the Outdoors
Aspiration: Creativity > Musical Genius

Brown hair, green eyes, pale with freckles. Average/curvy build, big butt. ;D

Anemone is an earthy, free spirit ~ she’ll probably try the music career to bring in some cash & give her little sprouts the best chance she can of growing up strong!


Just a couple business matters to address before we get started. Namely, our rules of succession!

We will be playing with the following succession laws:

  • Equality (both male and female children can be the heir)
  • Modern (both blood and adopted children can be the heir)
  • Living Will (the child with the highest relationship to the parent heir upon death will inherit the torch)


Cosmetic things I’m doing just for fun:

  • Naming convention: All children will be given flower names; each generation gets a new letter of the alphabet.
  • The heir will inherit mom’s heart necklace. 


.. and I think that’s about it! Time to play. 😀


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