Log 1d: Wedding Bells, Batman Smells

Anemone continued to slave away at her job, not trying terribly hard but still managing a couple promotions. She slept only a few hours at night and practiced guitar all morning. As her sanity ebbed away, she wondered if the doorbell was really ringing or if it was merely part of the latest terrible jingle she was writing for work.

She opened the door to find Finn, her boyfriend. Their relationship had been maxed for days, and she was halfway through her “adult” life. She really, really liked him. What was she waiting for?? Wasting no time, she took the knee then and there and begged her soulmate to save her from this noncommittal slump.

ame pleasetakeit
*sweats* Please take it.. please take it.. OMG he’s taking it!

He said yes!!  Now we can see what makes him tick. ^.^

Finn Faulkner
Traits: Genius, Good, Family Oriented  (hell yeah! score!! ;D)
Aspiration: Fortune > Business Savvy
Skills: 2 Charisma, 1 Comedy, 1 Mischief

He’s a little bit younger than Anemone, but also an “adult.” Thin build, lil’ less pale than Ane, darker ash-brown hair, brown eyes.  Very different face structure, so this should be interesting. 😀

He brought in a whopping $19,980 simoleons!  Considering I felt like I was doing pretty good with my $712 in savings, this was a bit of a drag for me. I’m probably crazy, but the sudden windfall made me feel lame and dirty so I immediately squandered it on some premade rooms. Those things are spendy, yo. 

So now we had a living room! And, a bedroom.. 

Inevitable, really.

The original hovel space was converted into a kitchen. And I built some bare little cubes for a bathroom and child’s room. I thought I’d add a nice stuffed toy for the future mailman-junior, which turned out to be a lot larger in person. I swear I saw the eyes move a moment earlier.. creepy.

cell 1
This looks like a psychological experiment chamber. Must paint walls. Soon.

We halted our building there before finishing the exterior or roof as funds were getting low and we were worried that our next bills were going to be astronomical.  Finn took a job in the Tech industry to bring in some funds (and hopefully some nice gadgets we can use for skill building).

Married life really suits Anemone. She’s almost always feeling happy and alternates between playful and flirty. I love the special foods you can make when you’re in the proper mood!


We managed one batch of heart cookies, and about a million gummy bear pancakes which I neglected to photograph. She always makes an 8-serving batch and stuffs them in the fridge. Leftovers seem to last quite a while, which is nice.  

Around here Ane was getting pretty chunky. Not sure I can blame the pancakes as it’d been happening for a while before we discovered them – digging made her buff, which sorta makes sense, but the more she dances, the fatter she gets. The laws of this land are so very strange. But, no matter — it wasn’t long before we discovered we were going to have a baby to blame the fat on! ;D

 Anemone’s friends were so happy to hear the big news!

babybump Bella
I remember when Bella used to bring me brownies. ❤

You can see the corner of our little garden, there. We’ve been hooked on “evolving” plants, even though it’s super time-consuming to tend them. Our onions sell for a lot, though! Tempted to plant a few more of those, but I know I’ll hate myself if gardening takes any longer than it does now. Between that and fixing broken appliances it’s a wonder they have time to leave the house. 

This is the last good “just a young couple in love” photo I have of Finn and Anemone, so I’ll plop it here while it’s still just them. No matter what happens from here on out, it was built on a true, sweet love. 

ame justkissme
Just kiss me.



7 thoughts on “Log 1d: Wedding Bells, Batman Smells

  1. Awww.. Finn and Anemone seriously *are* the cutest couple. And I laughed at the” This looks like a psychological experiment chamber.” It really does, rofl! I love those big teddy bears ❤


  2. Yay! No wonder Elder’s so amazing! His whole family lineage is built on a long tradition of love. Finn–What a name! What traits! What a cute little pony tail!


  3. Yikes this story is older than the hills. Only the most recent post was 2 months ago.


    Well.. “Just Kiss Me”– The Sims tell their own story.

    “Not right now, you have been eating tsome of those onions not selling them.”

    Sorry romantic I ain’t,


    Kinda ‘splains why I’m a singleton hmm?.

    Liked by 1 person

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