Log 1c: The Postman Cometh

In our down time between work and piano-plunking at the Blue Velvet, Anemone and I like to search the grounds for logs and rocks to pick at. Bills are crazy this time around even with so few possessions, and some of those rocks sell for a pretty penny. There’s also the matter of collections assembly for bonus points, too. (Reeeally loving the household collection tracker panel for that.) 

It was one such morning and Anemone was elbow-deep in a frog log when we got a popup message from someone saying he couldn’t reach the mailbox.  Wait, what?  You mean there are actually postmen in Willow Creek?!!

Me: HEY!! Stop what you’re doing and go meet that man!

Anemone: But I’m about to catch something good. And then I have to excavate another rock for you. And I think I saw some twinkling pears around here somewhere.

Me: Forget all that – JUST DO EEET!!

Anemone: “Erm.. hello. Care for an apple? I grew it myself.”

Barely got a friendly introduction in before he had to go, but it was enough. Calls himself Finn Faulkner. Excellent. We invited the poor soul downtown immediately. 

Me: To the museum!!

Anemone: But I’m hungry and I have to pee. 😦

Me: Just trust me, it’ll be worth it! I promise you can eat and pee soon.

Anemone: Okay!  That sounds good!

Cheerful sims, man. 

Anyway, let’s take a closer look at this fellow, shall we?

The truth is out there.

Kind of a Fox-Mulder-in-a-ponytail vibe going on here. We can work with this. In fact, I like it. 

Anemone seemed to approve, too.  I dunno why she was acting like this, such a reflection of my own feelings, but it was hilarious. 

Come to mama!

They spent a good deal of time chatting it up right there on the sidewalk in front of the museum. Anemone’s bladder was about to burst, but for some reason the museum bathroom seemed to be the most hoppin’ place in town. Was that really even a working toilet in there? Or some unfathomably hip art project that she was too down-to-earth to comprehend?

Finn n Ane
Toilet exhibit in the northwest wing.


I decided to spare her potential embarrassment and sent her home to use the facilities. Not long after, who should show up at the door but her new friend, Finn! Anemone took it as a sign that the two were meant to be and turned on the charm.  Her flirts were well-received and soon Finn, still a bit bashful, consented to a “first kiss.”

No matter how many times you see this interaction, you’ve got to AWWW..

I do so love his uniform with the little mailbox patch. ;D  

The coming week was filled with dates! I neglected to snap many pics, as I was occupied trying to “play” them to gold medal status – I really like how interactive they’ve made dating. Overall Finn seems shy, but very sweet. Still uncertain on his traits. He’s not displaying any personality red flags, though.. just the one on his shirt. Har, har.. *ducks*

We close this session in a state of contentment, with our wall-holes all patched up, a fresh coat of paint, and a soul mate. Even splurged on an outdoor garbage can. ❤

Life is good. ❤




14 thoughts on “Log 1c: The Postman Cometh

  1. I *love* this post, rofl. Too funny with the “Come to mama!” and all the panic involved in just getting Anemone to meet the hot mailman. Rofl! Love it!


  2. (Yeah I know I’m 2 months behind everyone else but I have to find something to read while I wait for.. march.. to end at S-GAS.

    meanwhile of all the screen shots.. “The Truth Is Out There.”

    Not sure I’d wanna get past that greasy smile, even if I liked muscular dudes.


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