Log 1b: She wore Blue Velvet

Since our last meeting, Anemone accepted a job in entertainment. Right away she realized she’d need more friends in order to progress in her career, and that was proving more difficult than it was worth. With all the other skills she wanted to learn piling up, she decided to pump the brakes and focus on one thing at a time, and that thing was definitely not this job of hers. She needed music. So she parked her sweet butt on the piano bench at the Blue Velvet, and bared her soul on the ivory keys night after night for any and every person who came in.

Playing for death
Death kindly stops to toss a fiver in the jar.

The better she got, the more the tips came in. Things were looking up, but there was still something important missing. Anemone knew she was going to need a partner to really make this whole legacy thing work (preferably someone who was good at “jobs”), and she wasn’t getting any younger, so she committed herself to the task of finding her mate.

One of the perks of being the center of attention is that you also get to check out who is checking out you. There were many beautiful women coming in to the Blue Velvet every night, but, the guys? They were something else entirely.

Not *quite* willing to go there yet.

Hmph. Another wash. Maybe tomorrow night will be better. For now, at least she still had a roof over her head (though we had to sell some of the walls so we could buy a fridge.. Only a few from the back of the house, hush!) and her musical skills were growing steadily.  She didn’t really even mind sleeping next to a perpetually busted toilet.

My kingdom for a plumber.

Cheerful sims, gotta love ’em.


11 thoughts on “Log 1b: She wore Blue Velvet

  1. And this is why cheerful sims are awesome. Does your founder even get the uncomfortable emotion??? I wonder?

    I’m loving your legacy so far and will definitely stay following. I can’t wait to read the rest!!


  2. I laughed so hard at the “Not *quite* willing to go there yet” picture. I’m going to love this Legacy, if only because of your sense of humar. Love it! I can’t believe dear Grimmie showed up to tip, too… LOL. I like the idea of playing for hours in community lots for tips. Have to make one of my Sims a starving artist, lol!


  3. That leaky, grubby, smelly crapper stole the chapter.. Before that it had to be the schnooks at the bar.

    (Those jokers are universal, dammit!)

    As in “Hey babe, you come here often?”


    “Hey remember me? From the party last weekend? I thought we hit it off reeeal smooth, Gorgeous!”

    “No, Butt Breath, I worked last weekend.”



  4. I’ve just started to read this, it’s one of those legacies I’ve been hoping to get around to! Really enjoying to so far, it truly takes me back 🙂 Aah, grim at the lounge, of course. He loves them! i think he must have the music lover trait.

    Liked by 1 person

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