Log 1a: Dude, where’s my house?

It was a beautiful day in Willow Creek. After clicking “bulldoze” on the local wealth, Anemone took a few minutes to drink in the scenery at her new homestead. Green grass as far as the eye can see, with a nice smattering of trees and flowers around the edges, and even – was that.. fishable water? Being a lover of nature, she was feeling right chipper.  

At least until he stopped by.

Geoffrey Landgraab: “I know what you did to my house.” Anemone: *uneasy laugh* “Uhh, hi there, neighbor!”

I suppose he must have been sitting at home reading the journal when the skyhammer took his mansion away. Can’t blame the guy for being a little miffed, but it’s not like we had a choice! Anyway, sounds like the perfect time for Anemone to head to a community lot and practice some skills.

I felt bad so I built her a little hovel. We’ll see what we can find on community lots before we commit to item purchases, but at least she’ll be sheltered from the disapproving gaze of Mr. Landgraab meanwhile. 

Hopefully that creeper didn’t just doom us to sleeping and peeing on the floor..

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